The word NIF (TIN) is the abbreviation for “Tax Identification Number”, commonly also called the Taxpayer Number. In other words, it is a sequential number intended exclusively for the treatment of tax and customs information.

To obtain the NIF, both foreigners and nationals who do not live in Portugal (live in a Third State), they need a tax representative.

This representative must necessarily be a legal or national resident Portuguese who lives in Portugal.

In quick translation, the NIF is the document that will contain all tax and financial information directly linked to the AT – Tax and Customs Authority (Finance).


First of all you should think about who your Tax Representative may be in Portugal. This Tax Representative will be responsible for fulfilling the taxpayer's tax obligations (such as income tax returns, for example, if applicable) and the payment of fines if the represented does not make the necessary declarations.

If you don't have a representative, or don't know who it might be, rest assured, we will do it for you!

We at NIF are the representative of our customers.

For the attribution of the NIF, the Finance system does not recognize Portugal as the address, unless the applicant lives legally in the country. Therefore, you must complete the form and send proof of residence from the country of origin or the country where you live, except Portugal.


As long as you place and complete one order at a time. In addition, you must complete each form with the name of the applicant of the occasion and he must be present, with his personal documents, for the recognition of the signature by videoconference.


For this purpose, you must select the option “NIF requirement under 18 or incapable”. Therefore, you must complete the first part of the form with the applicant's data (minor in this case) and then you must complete your condition as a representative (father / mother / others). Then, you must fill in your information in the second part of the form. Finally, at the time of sending the documents, you must also send the supporting document that shows powers to represent (in the case of "father or mother", the identification document and in the case of "others", Letter / Declaration or legal sentence duly legalized).

The signature will be acknowledged in person and in person, by videoconference, and a lawyer will be present at the meeting. On this occasion, the lawyer will ask questions of identification of the interested party, as well as request that the documents be displayed to the camera.

Afterwards, the camera must be directed to the document to be signed and then proceed with the signature. Finally, you must send the signed Letter / Declaration through the system, along with the other documents requested.


In this case, you must select the application option (for adults or children under 18). You must complete the form with the applicant's name, and if you are under 18, also the form of the legal representative. At the end, you will receive the Letter / Declaration from NIF for the sole and exclusive purpose of attributing the NIF and tax representation, which must be signed by the customer, together with the recognition of the signature and certification of the photocopy of the documents. Finally, you must send all documents through the system.

The average deadline for assigning the NIF is up to 15 working days. This period begins on the first business day after the videoconference. However, it must be taken into account that the said term may vary due to situations beyond the control of NIF Online, since this depends on the agility of the Tax and Customs Authority (Finance).

If the password for the Portal of Finance is requested, for any reason, it is forwarded by mail to the tax representative, that is, NIF in this case. This password will be sent by NIF only once to the email address of the applicant registered in the account.

If the applicant misappropriates his/her password, he/she must request a new password from NIF, via e-mail, and pay the amount of 4.90€ for the additional cost of the service.
It is important to note that the applicant must be aware of his tax obligations and the NIF will send a notice 30 (thirty) days before the deadline to remember the tax obligation.

If the applicant fails to comply with its tax obligations up to five (5) days before the deadline, The NIF will access the applicant's Finance Portal as tax representative and will comply with the obligation, being responsible the applicant for all expenses departing from this operation.

It depends.

NIF reserves some guarantees regarding the beginning of the provision of its services.
Like this:

a) if you have completed the application until the end of the application (form), but have not yet made the payment, you can cancel the order at any time;

b) if you filled out the application (form) and made the payment, the preparation of the necessary documents for the NIF application has already started. Therefore, if there is a request for cancellation, NIF reserves the right to withhold 20% of the amount for having started its services, refunding the amount of 80% for the cancellation;

c) if you filled out the application (form), made the payment, uploaded the documents, NIF reserves the right to retain 40% of the value for having performed part of its services, refunding the amount of 60% for cancellation ;

d) if you filled out the application (form), made the payment, uploaded the documents, received the Letter / Declaration and already made the video conference with the lawyer, the cancellation of the order will not be refundable, considering that NIF will already have 80% of the proposed services were performed.

The assigned number is unique and definitive. The NIF paper (the printed one) is valid, as it is a paper. For this reason, the NIF has the term “Provisional Document”.

In the past, the document was issued on a Card and for that reason the same card had a longer validity. Since 2010, the NIF is no longer on cards.

As orders are placed online (e-counter), the NIF is sent in digital format (.pdf).

Sometimes the finance office is careful to print and mail it as well. In these cases, as we are the tax representative, we file the document in our files.

Whenever the NIF holder is not resident in Portugal, he / she will need a tax representative. The tax representation proposed by NIF lasts for one year and can be renewed whenever necessary